What Makes Us Different

advisor shaking hands with happy clientProtecting Your Assets

Your assets are trusteed at BNY Mellon through our clearing firm Pershing, LLC. Trusteed means that even if BNY Mellon goes belly-up, your assets are held individually and can be returned to you. Many firms comingle the assets of clients, so if they go belly up you have $500,000 SIPC insurance and any other additional insurance they have purchased. Any amount above that, you are a general creditor of that firm. 

No Incentives to Sell Certain Products

Being independent means, we are not incentivized to sell one product over another, we offer what we think is in your best interest. You can decide if fee based, commission based, or consulting is right for you. We will accommodate what works best for you.

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

Every client gets a customized portfolio, annual review (no minimum), portfolio monitoring and portfolio management. These combined with our tracking and analysis tools so we can make sure you are on track to reach your goals. Advising clients since 1990 has given me a lot of experience navigating clients through investment bubbles bursting, financial meltdowns, expansion, and contraction. Almost anyone can do well when the market is doing well, having experience helps when times get tough.

The Right Fit…For Both of Us

We don’t take every client that approaches us; We want to develop a relationship with our clients. If it is not a good fit, we will tell you and guide you in the direction we think would be best for you.

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