Our Services


We offer a wide range of financial resources to help meet your current needs and to help you plan for your future.


What we strive to do:

Get to know you:

  • Review your current financial and personal circumstances.
  • Discover goals and concerns you may have.


Create a strategy:

  • Develop a detailed asset allocation using Sungard’s Frontier Analytics to establish a disciplined efficient portfolio.
  • While diversification through an asset allocation strategy is a useful technique that can help to manage overall portfolio risk and volatility, there is no certainty or assurance that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall return or outperform a portfolio that is not diversified.


Monitor your portfolio:

  • Using S&P Equity Research, Morningstar Advisor Workstation, and Thompson Investors Service we research and monitor your investments.
  • Rebalance and reallocate when necessary.
  • Keep you informed of any unforeseen changes.


Re-evaluate your situation:

  • Set quarterly and annual meetings to update your goals and review performance.


We ask that our clients provide:

  • An honest appraisal of your current circumstances.
  • Realistic expectations regarding market and investment performance.
  • If you are pleased with our service, referrals are always welcome.